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Bonus Excerpt

Mind Over Madison

If you still lack a satisfactory moniker for your child, it’s time to listen to your inner guide. Each morning, reflect on a daily affirmation in a serene park setting for at least twenty minutes. Remain placid and focused even if an opinionated squirrel attempts to interrupt your inner guide.

Monday: “Today, Mother Earth will bring me into harmony with myself, then suggest I christen my baby Onion.”

Tuesday: “At sunrise, I rejoice. At sunset, I am at peace. In between, I feverishly research twelfth-century monk names. Abelard? Wilbert?!

Wednesday: “Today, everything is coming to me easily and effortlessly, even this blatant lie.

Thursday: “The love I give out will return to me multiplied even if I inadvertently name my miracle “Pork” in Spanish.

Friday: “The time is now! The power is mine! I still have a nameless baby!”