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Wednesday, August 12th, 2009


YAY: "Dad has an iPhone, is finally cool!"

Once, in an era known as pre-2007, you could raise children without an iPhone. This is no longer possible, implies Time magazine, with this list of hot iPhone apps for “new moms.”

The “BabyCam” app
, which tops the list, solves a timeless problem:

Getting your baby to smile for the camera long enough to take a perfect picture can be a challenge. Using BabyCam’s sound button to play one of the app’s fifteen prerecorded noises—bells, drums, doorbells and songs including “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” helps.

For parents who prefer to snap an imperfect picture, there is also the “BabyPissOff” app. Use its sound buttons to play an arrangement of “Mary Had a Little Unsmiling Lamb” that’s heavy on blaring trumpets, shrill oboes, hisses, rattles, yelps, groans, keening, and a woman’s voice repeating, “Not in service. Please try your call again.”

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What people are saying

  1. I just got the greatest new app for parents! It’s called iKidNY and it is super helpful. It tells you how to get to the closest changing tables, parks, playgrounds, subway station elevators and kid friendly restaurants! So smart! And it’s really easy to use. Thanks iKidNY!

  2. What happened to this blog? Going strong for weeks, then suddenly poof!

    I need more sarcasm in my life.

  3. A great app that any parent could use is “Am I Done?”. It just came out and “sense” whether or not your child has finished washing their hands, or picking up their toys….all the stuff that can lead to fights.

    Anyway, it works like a charm for me, check it out!

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