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Michael Jackson doll—as seen in hands of his bereaved son!

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009


BENDABLE LIMBS: Blanket and doll

Trust it to a website called “Droolicious—Modern Design for Modern Parents” to find a product to drool over in the middle of Michael Jackson’s memorial.

The site’s post titled “What Was Blanket Holding?” dispenses with eulogistic ponderings and zeros in on the revelation that Jackson’s youngest son, Blanket, was gripping a “1995 Official Triumph International Michael Jackson doll” that “you can pick up” for between $260 to $1500, depending on whether you’d like it to sing.

No one at Droolicious seems to find it at all curious, notable, or (I dunno) heart-rending that this child is holding a plastic, miniature version of his plastic, full-sized dead father—something that’s never really been seen before. John F. Kennedy, Jr., for instance, didn’t have a JFK doll to help him mourn.

It’s as if Barbie’s daughter is attending Barbie’s Dream Funeral. A version of which, I just found out, was recorded for this 2007 YouTube video. Given Barbie’s parallels with MJ—both emaciated pop icons, born in the late 50s, given to makeovers and blank expressions—this clip disturbed me. I actually gasped at 00:28.

Goodbye, Barbie/Michael.

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What people are saying

  1. Sort of weird to think that the doll is older than the child. But it’s the ultimate transitional object. Cue internet-based custom action figure service for the bereaved. I feel sad for Blanket.

  2. Michael Jackson was the least plastic person I know. He had THE most expressive and passionate facial and vocal expressions I’ve ever seen or heard. His movement of every muscle in his body in every way possible also showed him to be an extremely alive and fluid human being, the most fluid I’ve ever seen. Michael Jackson the doll may be made out of plastic but Michael certainly was NOT. To call Michael plastic is not only a cheap throw away line the press invented to sell newspapers, it’s grossly inaccurate, harassing and infantile.

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