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Perfect toy of the week: The wall of fabric dolls

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

The current obsession with over-achieving parenting has yielded at least one good thing: some beautifully overachieving toys. Rarely before have children’s products been so well-designed. My favorite current example: The reusable fabric wall stickers created by the Australians behind Mae—especially this completely cool update on paper dolls.


READY TO WEAR: The building blocks of wall-based style

Ingenious: The persistent problem with paper dolls, of course, is their terrible posture—a consequence of having a 2-ply spine. Playing with the floppier versions is like playing with an alcoholic. Mae’s variation lets your kid stick the doll forms to a wall, and then fluidly shift bits of hair and fashion on and off them like Tom Cruise manipulating his spooky touchscreen in Minority Report.

OMNIPOTENCE: Tom plays with his own wall of dolls.

TOMNIPOTENCE: Cruise plays with his wall of dolls in Minority Report.

And look at some of the cool ladies that can be compiled. Though, admittedly, not cheaply ($115, plus shipping.)


DRESS FOR SUCCESS: Teach your child the value of bunny ears.

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