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Britney Spears’ sons: Are poppin’ dance skills an inherited trait?

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Nature vs. nurture department: Here, we have a video of Britney’s offspring, Sean Preston and Jayden James, spontaneously dancing to “Toxic” during London rehearsals for her European tour. I think you’ll agree that both boys have a precocious gift for choreography: Jayden strikes a killer pose at 00:10, while Sean executes a tricky crissy-cross leg thrust at 00:30 that most children his age (3.5 years) could only dream of. To what can we attribute this advanced ability: DNA or constant exposure to a gyrating mom?

What people are saying

  1. So cute! But I didn’t see any evidency of dance prodigies. It appeared to be two normal (how refreshing!) kids busting a move. My toddler daughter does that crissy-cross leg thing, too, it’s called a “donkey kick,” I think. At least, every time she does it she says “hee haw! hee haw!”

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