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An emotionally draining message about sunglasses from Jon & Kate

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

If you haven’t seen this promo for “Jon & Kate plus 8,” please do so now, so we can discuss. It teases the upcoming announcement of a “life-changing” decision the couple has made. You’d hope their decision is to stop selling their family crisis like it’s a Snuggie (“Act now and get this tearful toddler free!”) but don’t get your hopes up.

What’s most intriguing
is the pivotal role that sunglasses and face-obscuring bangs play in hyping the episode. The message seems to be: “You’d better tune in if you want to see our private pain un-obscured by tinted glass or hair.” There’s even the promise of tenderness; the wall of hair hanging from Kate’s head at 00:19 suggests that she might be gazing back at Jon wistfully, in an “Oh, baby, how has it all come to this?” way, instead of just shooting him a weary bitch face.

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