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A nursery-decor quiz: Bunny or terrifying monster?

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

You’ve gotta love for its nursery-decor suggestions. Some of its finds, like this chest of drawers that costs more than a high-end fridge, are achingly charming. Others are—shall we say?—thought-provoking. One recent post, showcasing Danish bunny-themed wallpaper, provoked this pensée: At what size does a baby rabbit become disturbingly monstrous? Here are three designs from the featured company, Bemetapet & Fotosteter. You decide:



This wallpaper design, known as "Miffy & Melanie," features two exuberant bunnies who have X's for mouths the way dead cartoon characters have X's for eyes. Apparently, Miffy and Melanie have had their larynxes removed, ensuring that they can't scream at your baby. Still, there may be other risks: Bunnies or terrifying monsters?



At an estimated 9-feet tall, this looming nibbler, "Baby Bunny Sleeping," is truly imposing. Granted, he is asleep. On the other hand, he's sleeping vertically so maybe he's a gigantic, somnabulant bunny who's about to stumble across the nursery, stomping your baby, while muttering unintelligible Danish phrases like, "Min luftpudebåd er fyldt med ål!"* It's your call: Bunny or terrifying monster?

3. “Oh my fucking god! Help! Insanely giant Scandinavian bunnies are ogling me and my baby! Call 911!”


This is the wallpaper that specifically endorses. Though pointing out that it might cause nightmares, their touchingly deranged blogger writes: "This highly distinctive Funny Bunny wallpaper from Denmark appeals to me greatly—for a living room if not for a defenceless little baby's nursery."

*“My hovercraft is full of eels!”

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What people are saying

  1. *shudders*

    Those bunnies are crazy and scary! Poor babies that have to sleep in those rooms!

    I love your blog (and I am going to go out and buy your book ASAP)….it is such a welcome treat in the baby blog world.

    I posted about your book on my own blog yesterday, hope that is OK.

    – Morgan

  2. Burde han læse jeres blog Jeg er lidt nervøs at Hr. Gnave vil lægge for hen til beføle nok så lavere

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