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What do this notorious mom and this ambiguous rocker have in common?

Friday, May 29th, 2009


TWIN PEAKS: Sextuplet mom Kate Gosselin and American Idol Adam Lambert

Could it be their hair? I am currently working on an in-depth analysis of that baffling thing on top of sextuplet mom Kate Gosselin’s head (seriously; the website The Daily Beast has commissioned me to do so). I don’t follow Kate’s reality show, “Jon & Kate plus 8,” so I had to quickly familiarize myself with this tightly wound, excessively reproductive mother.

As I watched her berate someone-or-other on YouTube, it occurred to me that she and the far more amiable Adam Lambert of “American Idol” have the same hairdo. Which is to say, the same lesbian hairdo.

Except that, when you dye it vampiric black, it becomes an emo-kid hairdo.

Update: Eager for more insights into this overbearing-mom coif? For striking evidence that Kate also resembles a Chinese Crested dog—and much more—see the full slide show on The Daily Beast here.

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