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The invisible babies of Los Angeles

Monday, May 18th, 2009



As previously mentioned, Perfect Baby Handbook headquarters has temporarily relocated to Los Angeles. Silver Lake, to be exact. Though the staff and I had eagerly anticipated the opportunity to study L.A. perfect-baby culture in depth, so far we’ve spied only two infants. One was introduced to me as “very close to perfect.” And I couldn’t argue that this baby’s implausibly ample hair did conjure up a certain cover of Vanity Fair (right).

The other little one, encountered at a backyard barbecue, already had her own handbook (her dad designed The Hipster Handbook) and had eyes as hypnotically beautiful as a Siberian Husky.

I kept wondering where all the other L.A. babies were. Concealed behind a gate in Bel Air? Taking in an extremely introductory acting class at Stella Adler or Elizabeth Mestnik? Meeting with each other in secret Starbucks-For-Babies-Only?

Then I realized they were probably inside cars, which was anticlimactic.

P.S. A glamorous actress floating in the pool where I’m staying just gave me a baby-spotting tip: “Just walk around the Silver Lake Reservoir…they’re all there!”

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