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Parenting Essentials: A $92 lemonade stand

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Here, we have a $92 prefabricated eco-lemonade stand. Made of premium recycled cardboard. What a marvelous, crucial invention.


REFRESHINGLY CRASS: But eco-conscious!

Only a reckless parent would let his child attempt entrepreneurship spontaneously, by herself—possibly suffering injury or embarrassment while improvising a lemonade stand out of, say, a folding card table., who ardently recommends this product, has this to say:

Ahh the beauty of a lemonade stand…From a parenting perspective, it’s brilliant. It keeps your children occupied for several hours all while giving them an educational lesson in hard work! Well, I say, why not keep the magic going with this stand which also fosters creativity? Yet another of the many original creations from Cardboardesign, this unique lemonade stand is more eco-friendly and practical than most.

Indeed. The old method of fostering creativity—”letting the kid figure it out by herself for free”—is so impractical and eco-hostile.

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