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One upside of Disney-princess mania

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Despite my recent tribute to creepy parents who indulge their daughters’ pouty insistence on wearing tiaras, I’m aware that the princess trend is not all evil. Hilarious blogger Kelcey Kintner (The Mama Bird Diaries) recently posted this heart-warming photo of her daughters and their successful efforts to expand their grandpa’s wardrobe boundaries:


So, you see, princess mania can do more than perpetuate gender stereotypes. Sometimes, it can create whole new gender stereotypes: namely, the Princess Grandpa.

Of course, as Kintner reports, her dad was primarily motivated by his desire for fame:

My father seems to constantly be trying to worm his way onto this blog. Like a few months ago, we went to the movies and afterwards he said, “So will this be on the blog?”

“What exactly Dad? That we went to the movies? Umm… this is the thing, I need a hook. A funny hook. A bit more than I went to the movies with my dad and the floor was sticky and we got some popcorn and walked home. You know?”

Well, this visit the guy brought his A game.

Because my girls wanted to play dress up and convinced my dad to wear this…

Still, I kinda love this grandpa and his willingness to re-invest the idea of dressing-up with the sort of pure silliness that even Disney can’t taint.

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