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Hot parenting trend: Death-defying child transportation

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Here at Perfect Baby Handbook Worldwide HQ—a musty old edifice with a stale air of tradition—we were initially intrigued by the refreshingly new-fangled approach to family highway travel depicted here (from a sensible, funny story called “Parenting Trends: 10 that are in, 10 that are out“).


OH-OH: Scarily, we roll along.

Then, we began to worry. Our first thought was: Is the mom really safe riding that scooter in side-saddle position while dragging her youngest child in a vintage baby carriage behind her? Other anxieties crept in: Is the Dad’s jaunty rat-pack hat also a government-approved safety helmut? Shouldn’t the toddler be restrained by heavy grosgrain straps? Or at least duct tape? Are flip-flops sturdy enough? Wouldn’t Skechers be a wiser choice? Where is the roll-bar? Does Volvo know about this? Shouldn’t the dad chuckle less and panic more? What if the mom’s grip on the charming vintage buggy slips as they zoom up a slope? Will the carriage careen wildly down a hill and end up in an amusingly large pile of hay, as peeved and startled lambs look on?

Luckily, just as one of the lambs was threatening to sue (which would, of course, destroy the carefree family financially), we were distracted from this terrifying scenario by the start of the “American Idol” results show; also tragic: Danny Gokey stays? Allison Iraheta goes? Arghhh!

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