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Mom bemused by American Apparel’s style tips

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

BLUE ANGEL: The offending garment.

YUM: The blueberry muffintop look.

The cute, comfy maternity look that American Apparel is pushing in this ad (right) is reminding Lindsay Ferrier, the blogger behind the refreshingly coo-free Suburban Turmoil, uncomfortably of one of Willa Wonka’s victims:

I mean, really. Every time I look at this poor woman, I think, “Violet! You’re turning violet, Violet.” Also? It’s pretty much false advertising, because this is…just plain old American Apparel gear in size XL.

As Lindsay (who goes to rip other AA looks a new one) points out, the retailer’s so-called new “maternity line” is nothing more than a cynical invitation to stretch their basic stretchy skanky clothes over your expanding body, and then perform yoga while wearing douchebag sunglasses.

Incidentally, the comparison to Willa Wonka’s reckless gum connoisseur, Violet Beauregarde, is eerily apt. See for yourself:

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