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Insider baby-naming secrets, part II: Movie titles

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

One of the most popular sections of the The Perfect Baby Handbook are the tips on finding unexpected sources (such as the Ikea Catalog) for unique baby names on page 6. Here’s another bonus list: Names derived from the annals of motion pictures with single-word titles. (Remember that a source can easily yield both winner and loser names, so be discriminating.)

Perfect One-Word-Movie-Title Baby Names

WINNER: Indie name

WINNER: A respected indie name.

• Anastacia
• Dune
• Jezebel
• Magnolia
• Maverick
• Oliver!
• Rashomon
• Rebecca
• Ronin
• Rushmore
• Sabrina
• Saratoga
• Solaris
• Topaz

One-Word-Movie-Title Baby Names

LOSER: Why the long face?

LOSER: Why the long face?

• Alien
• Cujo
• Firestarter
• Flipper
• Help!
• It
• Octopussy
• Orca
• Pumpkinhead
• Shaft
• Seabiscuit
• Scarface
• Titanic
• Yentl

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