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Video of the Week: “Tea, a Drink with Jam and 200 Belgian People”

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Here at Perfect Baby Handbook Worldwide Headquarters on Montague Street, we recall The Sound of Music.

We recall Julie Andrews’ efforts to de-perfect Captain Von Trapp‘s regimented kids by introducing them to music, mayhem, and clothes sneakily tailored from drapes.


UNAMUSED: The original Maria.

But we don’t recall this particular scene where 200 Belgians, some of them not even blond, mime tea-drinking in Antwerp’s Central Station. Turns out it’s a TV commercial for “Op Zoek Naar Maria,” a new reality show focused on casting a 2009 version of The S of M. Apparently, they’re scouring every nook, cranny, nunnery, and puppet theater in Belgium to find a Maria whose nose and eyelashes would be flattered by falling snowflakes.

Update: “Maria” here is clear rip-off of this T-Mobile ad filmed at London’s Liverpool Street Station, itself a rip-off of the famous “History of Dance” video. All part of the new trend sweeping Europe: fake spontaneous group-dancing to create viral advertising.

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