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Saturday, April 4th, 2009


DISCRIMINATING: Our chief mommy-blog critic, Ursula Danders

We read a lot of mommy blogs here at PBH Worldwide Headquarters on Montague Street. I’m sure you’ve heard me mention our chief mommy-blog critic, Ursula Danders, before. As this candid snapshot of Ursula (right) reveals, she has an amazing ability to focus and loves a good laugh. This week, Ursula is hot on the following posts:

THE MEANEST MOM on the very real threat of plastic “light sabers”: “My sons’ preschool has a zero tolerance policy regarding weapons. The school also has a similar policy for open-toed shoes, gum, and low-grade fevers.”

MOMISODES on her toddler’s shaky grasp of a vast vocabulary: Her three-year-old can use “proprietor” in its correct context, but thinks “delightful” means “yucky,” so the next time that Momisodes, Jr. describes your bed-and-breakfast as “delightful,” take it with a grain of salt.

COFFEE SOUP on her marriage-saving socks: Must be seen to be believed. They work in mysterious ways.

DOOCE on what happens when your marriage-saving socks are in the laundry: As dramatized by dogs who are only playing.

SUBURBAN TURMOIL on the ineffable smugness of Bono: This anecdote made Ursula’s sometimes sullen Slavic face light up. It cracked me up, too.

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