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Infant-graphic: States ranked by interest in baby perfection

Monday, April 6th, 2009

PERFECTION INDEX: Darker green represents more competitive parents.

PERFECTION INDEX: Darker green reveals higher numbers of competitive parents.

Here at Perfect Baby Handbook Worldwide Headquarters on Montague Street, we take feedback seriously. We often gather together by our 15-foot-wide, baronial fireplace to study infant-graphics like this map indicating which states are visiting The Perfect Baby Blog most avidly (the darker the green, the higher the hit count). Herewith, America’s Top 12 Perfect-Baby-Obsessed States:

1. New York
2. California
3. Massachusetts
4. Virginia
5. Illinois
6. Near-Perfect Pennsylvania
7. Texas
8. Washington
9. Georgia
10. North Carolina
11. Arizona, Colorado, Florida, and Michigan (in a tense, four-way tie!)
12. Missouri…with Minnesota nipping at its heels.

Most Indifferent State: South Dakota, whose parents are either quite relaxed or too smug to feel they need infant perfection tips.

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