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Hot craft trend: Diaper wreaths!

Sunday, April 19th, 2009


WITH THIS RING: Another fine example of all-American craftsmanship.

You are likely asking: What is this thing and why has the Perfect Baby Blog thrust it in my face? This thing, as you squeamishly put it, is a “diaper wreath,” a newly popular shower-gift. As you can see, it radically reinterprets the traditional fragrant evergreen wreath using not-yet-fragrant disposable diapers and festive plastic products.

What possible function could a diaper wreathe serve? Donna Pilato of, who offers a quick, relentless how-to, has a few ideas:

Add a personalized touch to the next baby shower you host, or gift you give to a new mother, with an easy-to-make diaper wreath. A diaper wreath can be used as a table centerpiece or hung on the wall behind the gift table at a baby shower. Or you can present it to the mother when you visit the new baby in her home. She can hang it on her front door as an announcement of her little bundle of joy…

…and then burn it the second you’ve returned to your craft shack. She might feel differently had you purchased one of the professional models from The $95 Lion-Safari-Themed Premium Double Wreath, for example, is a tour-de-force that picks up on the relevance of diapers to wild game safaris.

The boyish wreath shown above was custom-made by “Echoes of Elegance,” a Pennsylvania-based craft business that also produces the popular “Daddy’s Tour-of-Duty” apron, “stocked with all of Daddy’s necessary tools to complete a midnight run to the nursery for Mommy.” Both products forcibly echo with elegance.

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