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World’s most charming baby-website?

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

How many baby-related websites have you viewed in your lifetime? 20? 50? 1030? Perhaps you are some kind of baby-website addict, so relentless that your spouse has had to alert the mental-health authorities or bind your hands behind your back with a colorful sash, underestimating your ability to peck out Google searches with the tip of your nose.

frenchblogI’m not that bad, but, in my search for the world’s most charming baby website, I’ve done a lot of clicking, and have encountered few sites as charming as this capricious French affair called La Maison de Lena.

Being French, the site is a bit confounding at first. But, as you’ll discover, it’s based on one giant illustration of a tall skinny house with many stories. Click “Qui somme-nous?” to start at the top story, then click the pink arrow to work your way down. As for the site’s actual products? Child-friendly wicker furniture, for the most part—including a pretty cute hideaway chair that probably costs 9000 Euros, even if it does guarantee a perfect babyhood.

Here’s my question: Are the many worker-creatures who occupy this house supposed to be hippopotamuses? They’re a bit slender for hippos, but too fat to be mice. Given this nagging ambiguity, I feel la Maison de Lena is too inscrutable to be the world’s most charming baby-website. I’ll just have to keep looking. Sigh.

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