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Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Hey, if you live in New York, come on by the book-launch party for The Perfect Baby Handbook this Tuesday night at the Tribeca boutique, Capucine. Thanks to the resourceful Julia Beck at, I have a grand door prize to give away that is actually, inarguably grand: A $600 T-160 stroller from the German brand Tuetonia—which in-the-know perfect parents (and Germans) refer to as the “original Mercedes Benz of strollers.”



Unlike the not-particularly-pedigreed Bugaboo (invented 1994), Teutonia has been engineering strollers since 1947, the same year Saab made its first car, Robert Mitchum starred in the classic film noir, Out of the Past, and perfect babies Stephen King and Glenn Close opted to be born. One of my favorite Tuetonia factoids: The company was founded by a pair of German brothers named August and Gustav (which is basically the same name…no wonder they were in sync.)

Also, unlike the word Bugaboo (which literally means “something that causes fear and worry”), Teutonia is simply a quaint synonym for “Germany.” It’s entirely possible that this stroller, which has only recently become available in the U.S., is tested on the Autobahn!

I should probably mention that, although the T-160 is a definite draw, I will also be making an appearance, reading from The Perfect Baby Handbook, signing copies, and urging people to eat some of the 9000 cookies I painstakingly iced today. If you like to drop by, you are most welcome. Just email me before 2 p.m. on Tuesday, March 31 for details.

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