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Where the Wild Typography Is

Friday, March 27th, 2009


So, like millions of people, I just watched the Apple Exclusive trailer for Spike Jonz’ upcoming Where the Wild Things Are movie. The good news: Whoever designed the titles did an amazing job. The bad news: It’s not a great sign when a trailer’s typography is more compelling than the film itself, which looks, uh, kind of gorgeously dorky. I’ll probably change my mind in a minute.



Update: The following parody hit YouTube on April 7, 2009. “Spike Jonze wastes no time adapting another 10 page childrens book into a film,” claims its creators, Landline TV, drolly. Not drolly enough; a writer thought it was a real Jonz production. (Clearly the highlight here is the moment when the unicorn defecates a perfectly horn-shaped poop.)

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