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J.Lo files profound lawsuit

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Recently, solemn mother Jennifer Lopez and her grave spouse Marc Anthony filed an extremely serious U.S. federal lawsuit against the makers of Silver Cross carriages over the unauthorized use of this photograph. The dour couple pointed out that the image was used, without their knowledge, to suggest that they, in some way, endorsed the Silver Cross brand.

To compensate for the irreparable harm this incident has done to their public images, they are seeking a reported $30 million dollars in damages. As they should!


As the photo (above) makes obvious, pensive Jennifer and sedate Marc hate Silver Cross carriages. They would never, for instance, dress up in festive “think pink!” clothing and pretend to race two Silver Cross Balmoral Prams across the vast, graveled courtyard of their manse as their twins rattle away inside. Neither would they kick up their heels or insouciantly fling their skinny black ties over their shoulders and have the frickin’ time of their lives while barely looking where they’re going and accidentally ram little Max and Emme into a 200-year-old American Chestnut tree. Because that’s just not the way things are done in the Anthony-Lopez home. As this photo makes clear.

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