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Book bursts into home of unsuspecting author

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009



March 9th was a big day here at Perfect Baby Handbook Worldwide Headquarters on Montague Street: Just as we were attempting to reconfigure the furniture into a less gross, more pleasing design, the downstairs buzzer rang. And a bored courier from Harper Collins, who didn’t appreciate his pivotal role as Hermes the Divine Herald, God of Parcel-Delivery, handed over the first bound copies of the book.*

And let me tell you: It was kind of a gulpy, astonished moment when I saw how great it looks in color, printed on beautiful matte stock. (Thanks to my art director, Kate Elazegui, part of the award-winning design team at New York Magazine and an endearingly intense colleague of mine at Radar.) It was something of a parental moment, although the book showed no immediate interest in breast-feeding and seemed content to sit on a shelf, largely ignored, while I returned to the task of shoving furniture around. Coming soon: Hundred and hundreds of blurry photos of the book wrapped in a 100-percent cotton Petit Bateau Milleraies receiving blanket that I make you look at while you’re trying to tell me about your cat’s eating disorder.

*In stores March 24th.

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