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Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

podcast1Today, I had the honor of being interviewed by the Mumfrey Rubin Show with Mac Montandon about The Perfect Baby Handbook. The following people may want to make a special effort to listen to this lively, podcasty conversation, which can be found here:
1. Anxious parents: If you’re feeling the pressures of raising kids in an increasingly competitive world. I talk passionately about the value of letting children stare at ladybugs.
2. Anxious Germans: Mumfrey asks some skeptical questions about The Perfect Baby Blog’s avid Teutonic following. I defend you.
3. Anxious Hollywood casting agents who are looking for someone with a mild Canadian accent to do lucrative voice-over work in an animated blockbuster about a scrappy beaver overcoming impossible odds: Your search is over.

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