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Charlie Sheen, palindrome-lovin’ dad

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

So, Charlie Sheen and his non-Denise-Richards wife just named their new twins Bob Sheen and Max Sheen.


WINTOUR: "Bob Sheen is a great product!"

Max Sheen is a decent enough name, but Bob Sheen? Really? Don’t you think that sounds more like a product designed to keep precise hairdos gleaming (see Vogue editrix Anna Wintour, right)? Not to Charlie, who says the names are “short and simple, easy to spell and remember. Bob is the same frontward and backward.”

So is Otto. Or Nun. “Nun Sheen” is a cool name, though perhaps not for a mischievous boy. My point is: If Charlie craved the simplicity of a palindrome, why not one less mundane than Bob? What about Reinier? Or Racecar? Rotor? Toot? Dr. Awkward? The exuberant “Aha! Sheen”?

Reportedly, Charlie is over the cruelly-weird-celeb-baby-name trend and wanted to go short and dull—and thought that “Dumb Mud” wasn’t sufficiently mellifluous.

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