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Friday, March 13th, 2009

Some compelling bits and pieces from the super-parenting sphere:

NOT AMUSED: Messo, Sr.

UNAMUSED: Messo, Sr.

The new, happening baby name—Messiah: In my book, I drolly urge parents who’d like to raise a winner-child to call him “Messiah,” because, you know, that’s a hilariously ridiculous idea. Reality check: Not only are 70 out of every million American babies being christened so Christ-ily, the name is sharply on the rise. Popular nicknames include: Lamb of God, Chosen One, and Messy-Pants.

Oprah calls her Rihanna and Chris Brown show a “huge, teachable moment”: For most parents, a teachable moment is a chance encounter with a colorful apple. Oprah, however, thinks bigger. After devoting a solemn, self-congratulatory hour to the abuse scandal, she sternly suggested that Brown needs to sit on the naughty step.

Tom Hanks, celebrity helicopter parent: The Forrest Gump star recently admitted that he forced his way into a role in his son Colin’s new movie, The Great Buck Howard, because he was so smitten with the script. And also to make sure Colin wore his retainer every night and didn’t do anything rash like develop an independent identity.

Cash-strapped couple forced to sell “princess hut” satirically: I love this mock Craigslist posting. And, no, my friend Mac Montandon didn’t make me say that just because he wrote it.

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