Meet the Imperfect Author

A few known facts about Dale Hrabi

Dale Hrabi

Although Dale Hrabi began life as an eerily non-verbal baby, he went on to become an acclaimed editor and writer for publications such as ELLE, Wired, and The New York Times. The former editorial creative director of Details, he was also a top-dog at the irreverent pop-culture magazine, Radar, a 2008 finalist for The National Magazine Awards “General Excellence Award.” This would be even more impressive if it had won.

Dale grew up in Alberta, Canada, attempting to master every known art or craft, reading Jane Austen and The Official Preppy Handbook, and admiring America’s love of excess from a distance. He currently lives in New York City, where he is working on his next book and consulting unofficially on the upbringing of various moody, terrific kids including Woolfie, Annabel, Dahlia, and Felix. He looks like this photo except not sickly gray.

If you want to know considerably more about Dale, you are unique. That said, he is available for interviews and will gladly advise on your baby’s name for only $100. Sample tip: Avoid the letter “k,” as in “Kakerine” or “Steken.”